Day 17, Atlantic Crossing

1230Z 03JAN19, Day 17, Atlantic Crossing. Yesterday we started sailing again, but started off rather slowly. Around sunset the wind finally started to really fill back in and we were sailing in 18-20kts of true wind. We put 2 reefs into the main and kept the asymmetric up. Zephyros likes to sail this way with winds in this range and broad reaching. She stays a bit flatter and doesn't seem to lose much, if any, speed with the reefed main. Just before sunrise we took down the asymmetric due to some larger gusts and an impending rain shower. Time to put it back up now.

Current Position: 15 55.2N 050 37.2W
24 hour progress: 123nm, 5.1kts avg SOG, 2367nm total progress, approximately 610nm to go.

It was a bit of a quiet day. The boys played imaginary games for a good part of the day. It is fascinating to listen to their discussions, what they come up with, and how they are processing their experiences. Jon and I had good naps and read. We all just enjoyed having the motor off, the calm seas and quiet, slow progress. The seas will start to pick up today with the wind's return.

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