Day 8, Atlantic Crossing

1230Z 25DEC18, Day 8, Atlantic Crossing. Merry Christmas!!! The winds have been up and down. Yesterday we sailed with the asymmetric throughout the day. We swapped it for the genoa for the night because the winds were pushing 20kts around sunset. However, after dark the winds fell back down and have largely been 10-15kts. It's all fine as the seas are very mild and easy. We just go slower without the asymmetric up in these conditions. After sunrise, the winds were back to 15kts more consistently, so we have picked up some speed. We are broad reaching making a westerly course.

Current Position: 18 02.7N 030 42.5W
24 hour progress: 123nm, 5.1kts avg SOG, 1134nm total progress, approximately 1700nm to go. Another lovely weather day.

Christmas Eve afternoon saw us baking some cookies. Dinner was left overs as the baking encroached into dinner preparation time, but the food was delicious especially with sweet potato muffins and Christmas cookies. We exchanged gifts (as is our tradition) in the evening. Gifts were minor as the sailing adventure and all of our travel experiences are the real gift. There is, however, a new swing for the boat that everyone is excited about and that has been tried out in the cockpit this morning.

Christmas morning included LEGO sets from Santa and treats in stockings (which were the kids oversized socks that we bought when we went up to the snow on Mount Etna). Fishing line is out and the day is off to a good start.

Merry Christmas everyone from the Zephyros Crew!!!