Day 3, Atlantic Crossing

1230Z 20DEC18, Day 3, Atlantic Crossing. The winds have been sitting around 25kts +/- 5kts. We continue to sail a broad reach. We put a second reef in the main yesterday afternoon but continue to have the full jib out. This morning around 0820 we gybed back to the south. There is a high pressure that is pushing into the trade winds and we want to stay south of it and continue to be able to reach in the trade winds. Also the winds had started to shift more easterly which made our course about 290T and now that we gybed we are heading around 225T.

Current Position: 23 08.1N 022 17.5W
24 hour progress: 174nm!, 7.25kts avg SOG!, 478nm total progress, approximately 2210nm to go along the great circle route from our current position to the Caribbean (but we are pushing south which ultimately adds miles but keeps us in better wind). Weather continues to be warm and sunny though it is a bit hazy today.

The sea state increased due to the winds sitting around 25kts. It is still comfortable enough and we are all sleeping well. However, cleaning up and cooking has become a bit of a contact sport, and the occasional big wave from a slightly different direction makes sure you are holding on. Zephyros is sailing great and we have a new 24 hour sailing record for mileage and speed average! We expect to continue in similar conditions for a couple of days and then everything should settled down to give us some calmer days around Christmas.

The last 24 hours have been speedy but quiet. Our morning featured a visit from a large pod of spotted dolphins. The little guys didn't stay too long, but they put on a good acrobatic show. We have also seen a lone seagull. No fish, no other boat sightings.

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