One Giant Leap for the Zephyros Crew

Making the decision to retire or take a sabbatical from stable jobs, easy. Finding the right boat for our expedition amongst the plethora of options, child's play. Moving from a big house to a boat, hard. Really hard. Downsizing was on one hand a relief, and on the other excruciatingly painful, and we are still not light enough. When we finally broke suction and extracted ourselves from our home of the last three years, we left with two cars that can only be described as ridiculously overpacked. Oh well, it's road trip time as we say some farewells and see a bit more of the states before heading off to launch Zephyros in mid- September. The adventure has begun. 

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  1. Wishing you fair winds and a wonderful adventure for all! Love the very fitting name of the boat!